Steak lunch for Mrs Fitz..

‎Got some great steak from Palmers.. a south African butchers.. amazing cuts they have their.. cuts you just don’t see normally.. always fascinates me seeing how others in the world have different cuts of flesh and use them in different ways.. very entertaining! X

So this was a piece of steak called a t-bone.. yet was lacking the ‘T’!!

Still was cut good and I knew it would make Mrs Fitz a happy bunny indeed.. simply seasoned it.. picked some spuds from the bath.. ‎they are growing yet not as well and one would wish for.. think I am gonna give up on the bath idea next season.. although.. may go for some winter veg.. just to use up the soil.. hmmm.. not sure yet x watch this web space!

Also did peas courgettes and carrots.. or and some chestnut and shitake mushrooms.. reserving the rest of them for a breakfast for Mrs Fitz tomorrow..

She seemed happy with it.. although.. sure it’s a heck of a big lunch.. and it’s still warm.. summer is truly lasting!

For moi? Some Nurenberg sausages.. HEY! (I feel you say!!) yet c’mon Mr Fitz.. you are drilling out ya own bangers now!! Surely??? Well as in the great movies.. “don’t call me Shirley”.. ‎hahaha x

Well I like these.. they are a brat and a gooden at that.. so there.. ‎also I just needed a small lunch.. ahem.. ok a lovely white legged egg also.. and a couple of spuds.. I have been growing them after all right?

And for Mr Wentworth? A papaya.. he loves em.. although was try his hardest to look cute and small sitting next to Mrs Fitz.. (he got none by the way..)

Off to the Ivy for supper


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