Crab cakes.. schintzel & fail (major)

‎Went for crab cakes with the last of the Devon crab.. for Mrs Fitz.. x

Went for schintzel.. veal for moi.. ‎with crinkle cut chips.. yeah chips again huh?

How did it go? Not the best I have to admit my friends.. not the best at all..‎ all the ingredients were there.. and ready.. thai flavors.. all good for the crab cakes.. a seriously bubbly batter.. far too much bicarb.. and the jolly green giant corn..

Taste? Not bad.. not a keeper nor a re-doer! Feck x

The crinkle cut chips? Ok.. yet reckon I was a bit spuddeded out.. and the veal was ok.. dredged it in southern fried coating.. perhaps not the best for a beaten out piece..

And a chopped salad.. that was ok.. yet tried out a new Vietnamese dressing.. oil free.. weird.. x

So a post gym and swim supper.. not great.. ah well.. in bed watching Brewsters ‎ millions.. that’s a great movie.. roll on tomorrow.. x


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