Double bake potatoes..

Baked potatoes.. let me write that again.. BAKED FRICKIN POTATOES!!!

Everyone.. from vegans to hardcore carnivores.. you gotta love a baked spud right? X

There is really summat about them.. the giving flesh.. the crisp outside.. my attorney often teases me by saying he is having them for supper..

I remember making them with oven baked burgermix (vegan) for Mikey Dread (yeah that chap) as a just over 10 years old kid.. he loved ‘en and so did I.. just something about the smell of them baking.. and the knowledge that you gonna get a fun fun fun supper..

Not ya mickeywave nonsense.. nah.. no way hoz-ayy.. no!

Baked up.. ok that’s cool..

Yet the DOUBLE bake.. yeah.. rock an roll.. scoop out the innards.. mix with Italian herb butter.. salt and bristol blend pepper.. mush up.. refill the skins..

And now? Drizzle with Mrs Middleton’s oil.. (others are available yet this oil is cool.. )‎.. pop back into the oven.. crisp.. soft.. unbelievably creamy.. if you eat cheese add it now!! Some bread crumb would be good also.. must recall that!

Cooked up.. dressed with chilli.. from a good quality pack..

This is eating my friends.. this is eating.. memories abound.. fill in the gaps. X

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