Sosh-ahh-jezz! (cumberland)

‎The rain in Spain falls gently on the plain? Nah the rain falls here when they said it was gonna be a stunner.. what to do? Watch cable? Satellite? Surf the net? Go to the pub (not a bad option) x

Make sausages I reckons.. I need to make a batch anyways as a gift to someone who has done the Fitz’s a favour.. ‎Took delivery of new hog casings earlier in the week.. and now is the time to try out ’em out on the wonderful machine Mrs Fitz bought me a while back..

The mix? Have been storing discount pork leg in the freezer proper quality free range jobs.. at a regular price you just wouldn’t or shouldn’t pay!!

Also some stored up berkshire pig trim from Ian in Earls Barton.. that will add the fat content.. again trying to use ‎the best products to create the best products.. otherwise may as well just eat special offer superchain ones right? X

The seasoning? A secret and mystical blend to create cumberland sausages.. it’s available though.. in secret sausage societies.. perhaps.. x

Plus the water.. it’s what puts the bang in bangers don’t you know?

Passed all through the coarse mincer.. then again through the fine mincer attachment..

Having soaked the skins.. time to stuff!! And 2.5 kilos of cumberland sausages are created!

My arms hurt..

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