Curry sauce an chips & Good news!

‎Made some lovely chips for supper, with Mrs Middleton’s oil.. salt and vinegar seasoning brought back from Marseille.. in the oven.. and a ‘proper’ chip shop stylee curry sauce.. cannot tell ya how I made it.. ( it came from a pack!) x

Whilst doing this and watching antiques roadshow.. me and my attorney play along each week on guessing the prices.. great button that red interactive one!

Got a mail and a call from Father Fitz.. my grandpa is not well.. and I thought that this was ‘that’ call..

It wasn’t.. !! Yay!!

Here it is:

My dad able to eat some solids for first time since his stroke last Tuesday. Asked for sausages you sent him. These had already been eaten by others, and he not happy!

Can you send some more ASAP please?

Pappy my grandfather 91 had a stroke last week, not been able to swallow. Tuesday he was at death’ door.

Gradually he has got ‘better’, and today asked for his first solid food. He demanded the sausages I had sent him last week.

Unfortunately, my cousins had eaten them, thinking perhaps not unreasonably, (although I think mebbe they could waited.. they were vac packed after all) that pappy would not be eating them.

As we are off truffle hunting dog school tomorrow.. I better make some! And get em posted..

These ones better not get snaffled by the family!

Otherwise a heap of trouble is coming their way..

Trust me ‘blood’ trust me.. hahhahha x

Nite nite x

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