Gone all spanish!! ‘OLE!!

‎Had this pack of three…

Given to me by a pal from the pub.. Steve..

Hid them in the fridge.. the fridge? Yeah!

They are a 3 pack of pork products from Spain!! Hahahh x

Chorizo, lomo and iberico salami.. what to do with them? Well Grandpa Fitz ain’t that we’ll at all.. and Mrs Fitz going to Eire.. so a distraction was needed..

Hmmm hmmm ummmm AHHHH!

A butter bean thingy tapas style, with the lomo.. red wine vinegar, herbs, spices.. very nice indeed…

Croquettes with the salami.. (that red and white bubble from the other day), crumbed and fried..

A tortilla.. with onions, peppers, iberico salami, and chorizo.. finished in the oven..

And the grand finale?

Meat chips.. yup.. I remember trying these at the Chicago sausage fest.. (see old post x)

So fried up.. the chorizo.. added chilli and lemon seasoning.. the salami.. with garlic and coriander seasoning.. and the lomo with ginger garlic pimento and meat seasoning.. man these are good.. like far too good x

Viva Espana! X


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