Verm-ee-chel-ee with red sauce + 2 major fails..

‎Ok here’s the deal.. we went for a pasta supper.. few MAJOR fails here.. fail one: no hang on..

For starters we had those wonderful padron peppers.. charred in mrs Middleton’s oil.. and sprinkled with maldon..

Mrs Fitz got the first whammy.. whooosh! On the heat.. I got one too yet negated it quickly with passion fruit yoghurt from the dairy collective.. amazing yoghurt that stuff..

Mrs fit got another!! Sheesh!! Two in one bag? A record..?? We ate the rest a little slower and with a sly smile as each of us choose our pepper.. they are truly beautiful though..

Onto pasta main..

Browned meat.. with the last of the PYO onions and garlic.. cool.. right? Yeah.. then went to freezer for some Mr Fitz bacon lardons.. thought I had em.. chopped ’em fine.. was mildly distracted.. OH FECK!! FECK FECK FECK!! It was salmon.. yup salmon.. and wild arctic salmon at that.. ‎poo pants pie..

Ok.. back to freezer more meat.. browned.. garlic and onion powders added now due to lack of fresh produce! Also the end of a jar of red chilli and pepper pesto (sans fromage)..

A chilli passata found in the freezer whilst getting the second meat out.. added also.. and some chopped porchetta.. nice! Is tasting looking and smellin lovely now..

Onto spaghetti.. well.. we are out of the stalwart larder item.. bugger! What we got? Some real expensive and for this task unsuitable filotea parpadelle.. ‎ SECOND FAIL!!!

What else.. hmm found the little rings that I got to make my own ssggeettii hoops.. must do that.. wonder how to make the sauce so orange though? Hmmm?

We also got some verm-ehh-chelII-ee.. so that’s what we have

You know what? Pretty nice to be fair.. pretty nice indeed..

(the guy in the picture? My pal.. he said that his mom was going to read the blog for the first time.. so I promised to ‘make him famous’!! X

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