Sunday chicken supper

with some of them reduced chucks still hanging out in the deep freeze they better get a spin out.. 

So defrosted on the magic defrosting plate . If you don’t own one I really recommend that you get one.. Not much money and it really does speed things up quick sharp! 

Just gonna let this one roast with a little seasoning.. The Chimchurri is going to take care of flavour town.. 

Roast Maris pipers and sweet potatoes again tom kerridge stylee .. Pat biked then left to cool in the rack ..


Into the roasting tray with rosemary from the garden.. And some butter and Mrs Middletons golden oil. Some secret smuggled irish seasoning also.. Shhhh…  

To cheer up the veggies gone for Rosie’s fantastic corn fritters.. With the addition of yello and red fridge use up peppers.. 


With carrot, cornflour and some other bits .. Let to sit awhile..


These are so delicious and would make an excellent brunch or teatime snack.. 

Cooked off in the iron pan.. 


Oh! Made some Yorkshire puddings also.. Following Gordon Ramsays recipe.. They didn’t have the super lift yet tasted scrummylicious all the same.. ( that’s them looking all dark below)..


Nice fresh tasting supper.. Made scones too.. That’s the next post!




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