Pibil chicken hard tacos

With one more rotisserie free range chicken left.. It just cried out tacos! I swear I heard it.. And I wasn’t even home at the time! 🍻

So shredding the chicken.. And adding the jar of pibil paste and a sprinkling of the almost empty pot of Mexican oregano into a pan to heat through.. 

And while that got hot and mixed up..  

Fried off some padron peppers in olive oil.. Sprinkled with some Maldon salt.. 


Whipped up some sour cream with fresh garden chives.. 

Cut cucumber, romaine lettuce ( a great balance of soft and crunch).. Grated carrot, and chopped green onions.. There’s the salad part! 

Heated cheaty taco shells.. The hard corn ones .. 

And supper was born.. 

It didn’t last long.. 


Mmmmm taaaccckkkkooooouuusss! 💃🏻

Some lovely grapes for pudding.. What a healthy supper !


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