Rotisserie chicken and chips please.. 

I picked up a couple of red ticket free range rotisserie chickens.. Normally straight to the hounds..

However they currently have a glut of roast hog post hog roast to get through.. 


I made a great sculpture huh? 😉

Yet into supper.. Real easy.. Who doesn’t love chicken and chips? ( ok non flesh eaters excused.. You will find the buffet to the left.. ).. 😏

Halfed the chicken.. That a bit each for me and Mrs Fitz.. 

Canned corn to go with.. Pimped with butter and ketjep mandis soy sauce.. Lovely that stuff! 


Peru Peru seasoned frenched fries fried off in Uncle Bens wok..

And the chicken slathered in franks wing sauce.. Gotta love that stuff with chicken..


And bread and organic unsalted welsh butter .. ( Mr Wentworths favourite..).. 

 Such an easy lipsmackin tasty tasty tasty ( so good I wrote it three times..).. Supper indeed.. Although ok the carbs wrecked us.. 

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