Spatchcock chuck 

off the hard stuff at the moment .. The red meats.. Just a little break.. 

So onto the chicken.. Taken this one.. A nice one..


Using the poultry shears ( garden ones are fine also).. 

Chop the knobbly bits off the legs.. The tips off the wings and the middly bit ..

Then flip it over a lean down hard on it.. To squish it out.. And slash it up ..


Marinating it in this packet I got in the Chinese superstore.. 


For about an hour…

In the meantime a chimichurri.. 


The chicken ready to go straight into the bars.. ( OVEN OCD-ers look away now !).. 

With chopped Maris pipers dusted in thyme underneath.. 


The spuds on one shelf and the chuck two shelves up.. All them chicken juices going to season up those potatoes lovely!
And a Piri Piri spiced rice with French puy lentils.. Seriously yummy!



That got dealt with by Chef Ping.. Masterfully!

And smuggled chilli and line seasoning on expertly cooked corn on the cobs with butter.. Again by Chef Ping..


All piled up for family style eating.. Which I have to be honest really is our favourite way.. 


Very delicious indeed.. 


And a pudding of a store bought almond tart with clotted cream, passion fruit and a glass of elderflower champagne..



Great summer supper..


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  1. This looks seriously delicious!!! You always make me laugh with the chimmychuri sauce do you have your own garden to supply all that parsley and garlic?

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