Crispy pork schnitzel Sangers 

a good pal who has moved to Poland told me that no child in Poland goes on a school trip without a cold schnitzel sandwich.. True? Possibly not 100% of children.. ? Hmm 

Yet hey! That’s not going to stop me from enjoying these.. No way Ho-say.. (I know that’s spelt wrong..).. 😋

Taking good pork loin.. Chopping it.. 


Then beating it out flat.. I use a meat hammer.. A rolling pin or can of something will also suffice.. 


Keep going till all the pieces are done.. Pretty thin is best.. Not see through thin .. Yet you will see., 

Then season the meat.. Thyme, pepper and salt is cool.. And dip into beaten egg then Panko crumbs.. 


Get uncle Ben to help fry them off .. Using Mrs Middletons straight up oil.. 

Till crispy.. 


While they go cold.. Well not all cold …room temperature is really what you are looking for here.. 

Assemble the rest.. Nice Isle of Man tomatoes.. Butter.. Good bread.. And then of course chimichurri! 


Great supper for a hot evening in the house..  



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  1. Yum! I have a pork fillet to cook and was undecided what to do with it until now!!


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