Making merguez & Mercs

i love merguez sausages.. I like Mercs too.. 

Let’s start with the merguez though. 

I am going for a straight lamb one.. Although adding beef is possible too.. 


This is breast of lamb.. Mixed with spices and herbs.. 

One squidged up its good to pass it through a hand crank on a mincer again to make it all get along together nicely ..     

Once that’s done let it chill in the fridge to really let it set.. There is a far amount of fat and when working with it there is a tendency that it might go too gloopy inside the skins.

The skins here are hog casings as am all out of lamb casings… And these mean that I am now all out of hog casings too! 

Using the hand cranking sausage stufferer.. With the largest gauge nozzle .. 

Keep turning and they just fill themselves.. I think I prefer this manual machine over the powered one.. You can fill stop full stop if you get what I mean?

And once all done and proudly linked.. ( squeezing the little pockets of air through the skins).. Hang em up..

Umm yeah it’s the cupboards again! 

Naturally you have to taste them right? 

So fried a few off.. ( not gonna eat them all yet I am indeed partial to a cold sausage outta the fridge..)..!

Tasty ?

For sure! 

Think maybe increase the spice levels though.. Hmm yeah definitely.. Good sausage though! 

Must order skins.. 

Ahh yes and the Mercs? 

I had a meeting today at a very cool place .. Well the cars are cool.. 

They have some pretty rare ones.. These two are the only right hand drive ones in the whole world! 

      Yet this one was amazing.. Very moi .. Very! 

   Maybe one day.. Maybe.. 😏 it was a great car.. Couldn’t really take shot of the inside .. Yet trust me.. It was pretty amazing.. Just two seats in the back.. Three tellys… Loads of room.. And the roof came off just the back bit! The drivers part was gunshot proof! 

I wonder who would need a car like that… 😗


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3 replies

  1. I really want a sausage stuffer. Maybe a merc, but definitely the stuffer.

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  2. Have you got a good recipe for the merguez spice? I’m hella keen…


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