Spatchcock chuck with sweet spuds, rice and, corn and homemade jersey butter.. 

it’s chicken time again….🐔


Well Mrs Fitz did a 16k.. With her pals.. So very proud of her.. Like seriously proud.. ( that’s her second from left..) 


Now it doesn’t seem it yet that is actually at midnight! It’s all women doing it .. So after dropping her off .. And picking her back up in the early hours of the morning .. Resting as best you can .. A good lunch was required.. 
First you know the drill right? 

Snip the backbone out.. The wing tips and leg bits.. Flip it over press it down.. Slash it up.. 


That’s was marinaded in ‘nandos’ lemon and herb marinade.. 

The spuds? Sweet potatoes and Maris pipers.. Tossed in oil and thyme..


The chicken straight into the bars.. The potatoes underneath..


Cooked for forty minutes.. 

In the meantime Mrs Fitz helped make butter.. 

Just take cream.. Leave it out of the fridge for like twenty hours.. 

Pop it into a jar..


And shake the bee-jeezus out of it! 

It doesn’t take too long.. 


You have to ‘wash’ it till the water runs clear.. Then pop it into ramekins.. 


Ok.. Make up some rice with lentils .. 


With me of the butter of course!

And get chef ping to make the corn.. 

The chicken done.. 


Potatoes stunning..


Carve it up..


And enjoy!!! 


Awesome supper.. For an even awesomer Mrs Fitz 💐 

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9 replies

  1. Congratulations once again to Mrs.Fitz. I am sure the thought of the delicious prize waiting back home inspires her to excel👍

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  2. Awe that was such a lovely post and congrats to Mrs Fitz seriously well done. I’ve never tried spatchcock and I love your talk through the process you make it look so easy but I guess it is right? 🌱🌱

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  3. What a perfect treat after a good walk! I should show this to my Mr.

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