Lamb rib & spinach curry thingy 

So I had these lamb ribs.. Originally destined for a marinade and into the grill.. Yet needed to do something for supper.. 

So trimming them up or is that down? 


The bones and funny bits going straight to the watching and waiting hounds.. Leaving us with a good enough amount of meat.. 


Fried off with chopped pink onions.. Adding meat masala from the Shan family.. 


Adding a can of Italian tomatoes and frozen spinach.. 


That all went into the Slo-cooker for like five hours.. 

Made up some roti dough.. Just flour water and salt.. 


Rolled out and into the iron plate for cooking.. 


And a STACK of poppadoms.. With an onion , coriander & tomato salad.. 


Lovely tasty supper.. Just lovely! 



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5 replies

  1. Fabulous! I make Indian inspired meals often. No recipe needed. But I’ve never been able to make naan. Maybe I can talk my husband into putting a tandoor in our back yard!

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  2. It definitely looks lovely and tasty!! 🙂

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