Lunch.. the best meal of the day?

La Tasca lunch

Met a pal today for lunch.. Don’t often do that so was a nice change.. Or was it.. Ahhhh hmmmm! Well it was great to catch up with the pal and share some thoughts… We were going to eat in… Read More ›

Much room for lunch?

In use up mode .. What is the big white box offering me?? The last of the Turkish pepper.. A white onion.. Some marinated mushrooms .. Some Jack cheese.. Right.. That’s it.. Fried off the onion and pepper.. Added the… Read More ›

Roast beef salad

Mrs Fitz’s lunch today was brought to us by the leftover roast beef from last night.. A simple salad of a good bag of store bought leaves.. Baby plum tomatoes, chopped red onion, Turkish red pepper and Turkish yellow hot… Read More ›

Sooooper Sunday lunch!

You remember the pie club joint? Turns out they also do Sunday lunch. Proper English Sunday roast.. We couldn’t wait! Mrs Fitz decided we were going at midday for first servings.. So off we drove.. We were the first and… Read More ›

Lunch in Paris ..

Needed to eat as last post!! Blood sugars crashing hard!! Saw a great gourmet burger truck outside in the street.. Stole the opportunity to purchase and snaffle.. A real good steak hache in a brioche bun.. Green stuff and tomatoes….. Read More ›

Sausage rolls

So it’s Friday… Mrs Fitz liked Friday Its a significant day in many religions as well as signifying the end of the week… Friday always feels good! and think if the advertising campaigns that are bully around Friday’s “thank Crunchie… Read More ›

Butternut squash soup

Was at the store that we actually really do like indeed and are getting used to the location of although the snow may be a bit strange when the snow starts.. There was butternut squash and sweet potato reduced pre-chopped… Read More ›

Roast beef.. twice!

‎Mrs Fitz favourite supper.. Roast beefs.. with ro‎ast potatoes.. and veg and gravy.. and homemade horseradish sauce.. no yorkshire for the Sunday version.. Yet what great leftovers‎!! Witha store bought square yorkshire.. new veg.. some spuds.. beef and gravy.. With… Read More ›

Headless Brawn

Nice from Jack.. this one I fancy a go of!! Save me a slice Jack!! When I was in the butchers in Newport Pagnell for the pork mince for the Lorne Sausages, I bought 3 huge trotters. I had a… Read More ›

Best sarnies…leftovers!!

Best thing for these times.. is fresh rolls from the bakery.. real butter.. and leftover meats.. The rib of beef from the other day has served us well.. a great supper.. great sandwiches with that wonderful home made horseradish sauce….. Read More ›

Leftover Sprouts

Bubble and squeak from Me pal Jack Taylor.. have just lent him some fat and some orkney beef sausage seasoning for a slicing sausage he is making.. his meat is far too lean!! And being a good Celtic scot.. he… Read More ›

Lunch of fishcakes

I needed an easy lunch.. Mrs Fitz had the last of the stroganoff with mashy left over from last nite.. I went for fishcakes.. not being a major fish eater.. I like these.. And made them into a face.. because… Read More ›

Tuna pasta lunch

‎What to make for Mrs Fitz’s lunch? Am trapped indoors.. well not trapped.. looking after new arrival Cora Murley.. she cool.. no fear whatsoever! It’s great for Mr Wentworth…x Hmm.. cupboard time.. a can of tuna.. some tomatoes in the… Read More ›

Doner kebab

‎Had to do it.. they promised sunshine.. yet we had rain.. sunny now though! Decided post shopping that sausages and Doner was on the cards.. Went and saw my great butcher.. one kilo of mutton with some lamb in for… Read More ›

Lettuce cups

‎I LOVE lettuce cups.. love ’em.. the no bread option to be able to eat great meats.. or pulses or grains.. well not grains.. perhaps.. mebbe.. Mrs Fitz makes the ultimate car snacks when I come back from a long… Read More ›

Today’s lunch..

‎I am off to the Ivy for a client lunch today.. so made Mrs Fitz a nice salad.. (from the carton..) and some salmon pate sandwiches on lovely fresh french bread.. And I have a delicious train snack of Chicken… Read More ›

Pastrami on soughdough

‎For Mrs Fitz’s lunch today.. pastrami on toasted sough dough.. then sprinkled with red Leicester cheese.. nuked to melt the cheese, lined with jalepenos , fire roasted red peppers.. pastrami and French’s mustard.. With a ranch salad of carrot, chives,… Read More ›

Chilli sauce with that?

‎I like a gyros.. or doner kebab.. as per Sundays post.. people slate ’em.. that late nite drunk soaker upper.. usually bought by a mistake..! And feeling bad in the morning!.. and the smell! Wowee woo woo! ‎ So.. what… Read More ›

Cottage pie

‎It’s rainy here.. like really rainy.. need some comfort food.. something to warm me up and feel nourishing.. it’s still hot though.. so you have a kinda tropical feel about the place.. Mr Wentworth happy with his bone.. I decided… Read More ›

Courgette bake…JT

This is from my Pal Jack.. too many Zucchini! Well what a great way to enjoy courgettes. Had about half a kilo left so sliced them coarsely and sautéed them with garlic until tender. Chopped up a red and a… Read More ›

Old Dubliner Sausages

‎Just cooked up some of the Old Dubliners.. they rock! Great taste, really savoury and sausagey… crisp and slightly charred.. with a good dollop of Stokes Ketchup..‎ this was a delicious scooby snack.. all in the name of tasting of… Read More ›

Chicken and Ranch

‎Dinner for us? Well after the heavy duty spuds at lunch something lite.. ok.. pre packaged an very un Mr Fitz.. Yet kinda nice.. quick and low down.. ya getme? X

Indian take two..

‎Had the injun food again for tea.. and it was even better! This time also had some rice.. fried some onion.. with some masala, added some peas and a ready to rock rice.. fried quick.. a perfect addition.. fresh breads… Read More ›

Pulled pork.. at last!!

‎Wowsers what an evening.. front door lock suddenly broke.. something snapped inside.. and Mrs Fitz snapped also.. Hiscox.. our wonderful insurers said they would send someone within the hour… it actually took 5 yup 5 hours to complete.. Post midnite….. Read More ›

PYO hmmm? Samosa!

Decided to make samosas with the bountiful beautiful produce we worked hard to get.. X Ok, so these aren’t the full on indian samosa.. Although the filling is the same.. The wrapper I’d chinese.. That stretchy chinese wrapper that makes… Read More ›

Attorneys recipe pasta

Remember that pasta sauce a while back that my attorney suggested? And I made a big batch?.. We found some in the big freezer! Cool! So simples supper.. The hard work done.. Pasta, sauce, plus addition of some fried breadcrumbs… Read More ›

Post docs lunch..

Had to go get the blood test results today. Diabetes? Nope.. (Thought that would appear!), Liver? Not quite functioning properly! Milk thistle my attorney recommends.. On that! TA! X Heart? Seems fine.. Cholesterol.. Umm not so hot.. Tablets it seems….. Read More ›

Jacks Greek Salad

In the theme of Greece… (and Father disturbed a theif in the night on the Greek Farm last nite… scary huh? they got his iPhone and some cash.. lucky.. x) (thoughts with you Father x) My mate Jack has sent… Read More ›

Meaty scraps rice fry!

You know I keep those scraps of meats.. Small bags.. In the freezer for the rainy day rice frys..? Well ok not rainy today.. In fact blinkin hot! (Did rain this morning though… That fine misty rain..) The kind of… Read More ›

Tonites supper

Ok.. Last nite was a bigun.. And big fun.. My head hurted.. Think a little too much fun was had… Still it was cool.. So after a good sleeps.. And Mrs Fitz insisting on cleaning all the house.. Yup top… Read More ›

Vege much-room pasta

After mucho meat eating over the very sunny weekend it was a much needed shot of colon cleansing vege supper required..! Marinated mushrooms.. Marinated in garlic, fine chopped red onion, thyme, sherry vinegar, sweet romano peppers and that black corsican… Read More ›

BBQ hot weekend..

Its hot.. At last.. Like real hot.. What to when so hot? Fill the pool.. Get the loungers out.. Discover you have bees nest in the roof lining of ya shed.. Yeah.. Blinkin bees nest.. Will get that looked at….. Read More ›

Pappys Ninety First

My Fathers father is 91.. Yup 91 years.. Pretty good! So.. All the Fitzgerald side of the family gets together at his house to say hi to him.. Everyone brings something to eat.. Some cook, some purchase.. All share.. X… Read More ›

Homemade Merguez

Originally posted on TasteFood:
For this month’s Charcutepalooza event, we were challenged  to make our own bulk sausage, either as breakfast sausage, merguez or chorizo. This one had my full attention. If it’s possible to express sentiment over a sausage, then the…

BBQ = summer?

Has summer started? At last? Sure felt like it yesterday.. After a morning painting the new vista… And a hot afternoon.. Had to fire up the coals!! Yay! I have gas power too yet there is something for sure about… Read More ›

Fish lunches..

Fish for lunch.. Ok.. So you know I don’t ‘do’ the shishies so well.. So fishstix for me.. With crinkle-cut real chips.. ling edwards these ones.. A little fridge cold yet perfectly adequate.. For Mrs Fitz.. Brilliant wild alaskan sock… Read More ›

Egg & chips

Man… You cannot really beat egg & chips.. From that young child food.. To a teenager to a young adult to beyond… Gods alive! X A fantastical supper.. I am lucky enough to have traveled the world.. And in every… Read More ›

Super hot diggity dogs..

Saw these hot dogs for sale made by the Ducks Pantry.. Saw them in a on-the-side-of-the-road asparagus stall in Oxfordshire.. Bought the ‘bent’ asparagus.. 5 gbp for a kilo!! Just cause its not straight.. Wow! They are good thick ‘handmade’… Read More ›

Spring rolls!

Inspired by an article sent by Father about spring rolls, egg rolls, or paper rolls.. Whatever you call ’em! Desperate to feel summery and bring along colors to eating.. (And using up that left over pork).. Went for making up… Read More ›

Last meal in Chicago..

Ok, time for me to leave Chicago.. Get back to Mrs Fitz & Mr Wentworth.. So formy last meal a walk in the park.. Followed by Popeyes.. Yup popeyes or Pope-ee–oos as my friend David says.. 3 piece.. With their… Read More ›

Buddies diner.. = Pants! X

After a morning spent trying to fix my crackberry.. The pictures have vanished! Something to do with the memory card they say.. I have a heap of memories on that card.. All the countries visited and ‘taste-full’ journeys and experiences….. Read More ›

Chicken tikka.. Multiple!

Got some great organic free range super chicken from the store we don’t like anymore.. Great discount on it… Like a quarter of the price!! Whip the skin off.. Cut into chunks.. Add tandoori spice, ginger and garlic paste and… Read More ›

Working lunch

Needed to eat! Forgot as have been working on a few things.. Too much thinking not enough chewing!! So.. Hmmm.. Ahh! HA! ‘Use-up’ omelet .. Chestnut mushrooms.. Chopped .. Some frozen left over pulled pork (ala rice fry) Eggs.. Tada!… Read More ›

Sunday post gym lunch!

Back to the gym yesterday.. Man its tough!! Does though bring out a great appetite x So post gym.. Sustenance was needed .. Keeping on the healthy vibe.. The sun is shining so its kinda easy to eat like this….. Read More ›

Supper Fish Friday

In good ol’ fashioned sense we had fish for friday… Me lemon sole goujons.. (Adult fish stix! X), Mrs Fitz little salmon ‘bites’.. Fresh chips from cypriot spuds.. Crinkle cut of course! And that stokes ketchup.. Boy that is good….. Read More ›

Sausage rolls

I LOVE good sausage rolls x crumbly pastry giving way to porky pepperery herby juicy meat.. Shame there are so many bad variants.. Why do that? Its pretty simple no? Pastry meets meats.. (‘meets meats’ sounds funny x) Take ya… Read More ›

Vege Fal-laf-fals.. Yum!

I forget how much I like eating them.. The crunchy exterior giving way to the soft chewy herby, spicy interior.. Really quite lovely, and the array of additions! Sheesh! A little something tart always goes good.. As well as a… Read More ›

Lebanese lunch

Well me and Mrs Fitz went to the gym today… Its a new thing for us.. Anyways after the gym.. And doing the shopping at the store.. We were kinda peckish.. So there is a great Lebanese store new to… Read More ›

Rice fry

This is a great ‘use-up’ supper.. I really enjoy it.. I remember my Mama used to make me chicken and rice like this as a child.. It was one of my bestest meals at the time x I keep the… Read More ›

Sausage, Beans & Mash

If you eat sausages you have to love sausage beans an mash.. Its just one of those dishes.. From babies to oldies.. Everyone can enjoy the comforting dish of meaty (yet not too meaty) sausages.. Just caught on the outside,… Read More ›

Chicken tikka wraps

Chicken Tikka.. Yum Yum Yummy.. What is it about that juicy, yielding, sour yet spikey pieces of delight that makes this food such a wonderful make you smile number? The smells as they circle the kitchen are truly exotic.. Memories… Read More ›

Porky dressing?

Pomegranate sauce.. ? Not bad.. Not the leg shaker! Hoisin? Kinda.. A bit confusing.. X MAPLE!! Oh YEAH now we talkings!! Frickin TREE – MEND – US!!! (Saved some for lunch x )

That pork take 2!!

Decided after looking at ‘other’ things that needed eating in the big ‘silver’ box.. Chorizo.. A very nice one.. Skinned it.. Frying the load together with a Roscoff onion.. Adding that magic italian mix.. Bear wid me now! ( As… Read More ›

Chicken tikka rolls

Gotta love chicken tikka rolls.. With the best franklins farm chicken thighs.. Those chucks have for sure done some scuttlin about.. Tasty as you like! To make the tikka? Ask ya attorney for the spice blend! Woop it up adding… Read More ›

Baked spuds

Can’t beat them huh? The crisp outside , the super-dooper soft an fluffy inner.. The addition of butter, a good twistin of pepper (think Bristol blend).. A sprinkle of good rock salt.. And salad.. Yup salad… I aint really good… Read More ›


I think Chuck going well and feck those crinkly spuds are looking sweet.. Father just mailed though.. “Chicken roast is 30 mins plus 20 mins for every 500 grams at 200 🙂 xx” Thanks Amsterdam.. X Just gonna turn it… Read More ›

Uncle Wallys Red sauce

Uncle Wally.. What can you say.. Wonderful chap, bon viveur .. countryman, gourmand extrodinaire .. Well seasoned , marinated and blinkin well traveled… Plus married to another very good friend who is the frenchest mediterranean (amazing jewish salad maker) ….. Read More ›

Fish sticks & Salad

Yeah ok.. Gurls that like boys that like gurls that like boys… Bollox.. Anyhoo.. Those that know me know I don’t do fish.. Not really.. Maybe in batter with a coastal breeze? (And not a frickin ‘Heston’ number worth an… Read More ›

Cheaty? Meaty ,Sausage rolls

Gotta love sausage rolls for sunday breakfast, its got it all.. Things you really shouldn’t eat only for breakfast.. X So: easy cheaty meaty sausage rolls.. Get good quality sausages.. These were a great purchase at my favorite store.. A… Read More ›