Now these are chips.. and Kebab..

‎These are chips.. like real proper chips.. ‎ Michelin starred buggers these boys I tell ya! X

It all started around lunchtime.. when making twice baked scooped spuds for Mrs Fitz.. baked the potatoes‎.. scooped out the far too hot (ouch!) flesh.. into a bowl which had finely chopped roscoff onion.. sundried tomatoes, red Leicester cheese, yorkshire ham finely diced.. herbs.. sea salt.. and a splash of worcestershire..

Served with a soft salad with a beetroot and ranch dressing.. I had goose rillets.. x

Onto supper.. looking at the ‘spare’ baked spuds I had.. thinking wedges.. nope gone for chips.. fried in olive oil.. dusted with that marseille seasoning.. and feck me!! They were delightful! Crispy yet Fluffy.. and the right amount..

Served with Mr Fitz gyros.. in pitta halves.. new to me these and very cool.. very cool indeed.. made by a well known family.. ‎and now loved by us.. x with a secret sauce..

And for desert.. a strawberry scone with jam and cream and a cup of white tea..

Great day of food.. ‎

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  1. These chips look great. I will try them next time. X

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