Bangers mash and beans

Bangers mash and beans..


That classic comfort hug of a food, one that evokes childhood memories.. And how many places do you know that serve bangers  sausage mash and peas still? Usually with a good gravy.. It’s the biz ..

What makes bangers and mash even better? When you have made the bangers yourself..

The mash from Mozart potatoes, they really are perfect for mash.. Would have left the skins on yet forgot.. Actually just remembering now as I write this! Next time huh? At least a half and half..

Boiled and mashed with unsalted French butter, black pepper.. Mediterranean flower salt, dried dill and the yolk of a burford buff for richness .. it really does work adding a single yolk to your mash .. There is an extra smoothness and richness to the spuds.. try it out!

Sausages cooked extra well .. Stabbed into the mash.. peas and French fine beans for Mrs Fitz..

And for me baked beans.. And of course..

They have to be Heinz …

Great school style supper !





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13 replies

  1. I didn’t know that was an egg. It is so bright in color! We love bangers too. Will have to make our potatoes as you do.


  2. I too am very particular about my beanz brand. Glad to see you are on the same page. Thanks to that picture I am now starving, might crack a can of beans for lunch!


  3. Thanks for the tip on the yolk. Will have to give it a try.


  4. Love bangers and mash! I like the different ways you plated the dish…very creative! 🙂


  5. This meal looks really gorgeous, Mr. Fritz! The mash is perfect, especially with those green specks. 🙂 Thanks for sharing another delicious meal at FF. Happy FF and have an amazing weekend!


  6. I’ve never thought about adding a yolk to my mash – I usually boil a couple of cloves of garlic with the spuds and mash them in…and how orange are those yolks? Fantastic.



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