Onglet/hanger steak kebabs.. Mrs Middletons wraps

First start with the finest piece of well hung beef.. And of course with what I think is the finest of steaks.. The onglet.. or call it hanger.. Or butchers cut.. Either way this is a small piece that sits behind the pluck of the beast.. Protected by wonderful papery fat..

If you can lay your hands on it then perfect .. If you can’t then find a good butcher.. Like butcher Ian from Earls Barton.. Get them to cut it out fresh for you.. It’s stunning!!

Decided to go for kebabing it..

Marinating it in Lebanese seven spice and pimped Lebanese mrs Middletons oil..

Cutting thin against the grain and piercing it into bamboo skewers..

To go with?

Well I got sent some wonderful flour from Whizz at Mrs Middletons.. This is all natural white plain /ap flour.. So with my new batch of the wonderful oil also it had to be flat breads..

Remember the recipe?

Ok.. Here it is again!

2cups of Mrs Middletons flour
2/3rds of a cup of water
A teaspoon of baking powder
Half teaspoon of salt
1/4 cup of wonderful mrs Middletons oil

Whoop it up in the processor

Into a dough leave it to prove a little..

A salsa made from toms , coriander, mint, red onion black pepper a splash of oil and a splash of balsamic.. A little cornflour to thicken.. (It didn’t!)

Natural yoghurt mixed with ruby rose Harissa .. and Bristol blend pepper.. Stunning!

While waiting a quick snack of Padron peppers.. Freaking delicious fried quick in olive oil and Cornish sea salt added.. (Didn’t get a donkey kick though)..

The breads cooked on the iron pan.. Till bubbly one side then flipped.. Kept warm in a towel..

The kebabs cooked real quick in a real hot pan. all assembled and Hey Presto!!

It’s all vanished…… Ahem….










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  1. Cor, now that’s a kebab….


  2. Mr. Fritz! You always make the best meal for FF. And you are the flat bread master! I didn’t know that you could proof without yeast. Brilliant!


  3. You do put the best meals together, Mr Fitz! Thank you for recommending Mrs Middleton’s oil and now their flour – I have really enjoyed using the oil and will have to try their flour next…How many flatbreads does 2 cups make – you know, approximately?? I must try your recipe without any yeast and their lovely oil.


  4. Now thats a great meal, Middletons sounds great but doubt they deliver to the USA, I think hangar steak. skirt or flank are the best and tastiest cuts of beef. Incredible. You know how to put a great meal together,


  5. A question . . . . you just use flour water etc and no yeast, let it proof a little bit and it’s good to go? Is Mrs. M’s a store near you . . . and she makes her own oil and flour or you buy it online? Also I must concur on the onglet . . . as you know I am not really fond of steaks or chops and prefer the ground stuff although I love braised and pull apart meats . . . but I do love the hanger and we are lucky to have more than just 1 fabulous butcher that carries the cut . . . used to be so cheap but now that it’s getting to be cool they’re charging more!


    • Great you have the lucky butchers! You need to find one that normally throws the cut into the dog food! NRA Middletons is a wonderful friend they have a farm.. And they are lovely.. Google them.. Tell them Mr Fitz sent ya! They will deliver anywhere in Europe.. Father has it delivered to Amsterdam regular.. It pimps great! Makes stunning roast spuds.. And that flour is making Devine breads! And yup.. No yeast at all!! (Today’s do as am experimenting with yeast and yoghurt..) best with no yeast though.. Check those bubbles huh? I only leave it to prove so we can take a few drinks!

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