Home-making sausages

Forgive me people for I have…

Not made sausages for ages! I was reminded of this fact by a couple of pals..

So what to do?

Well for starters check that the lamb casings are still in check in the fridge.. Yup! Tick!

Next get some great free range pork trim from the butcher .. Thanks Ian.. Tick!

Hmmm flavours???

Gotta be a chorizo number for sure.. Always a winner.. And hmmmm .. Something kinda continental perhaps.. ? No.. I got it! A traditionally number spiked with extra dried onions and garlic powder.. Cool..

The chorizo.. A secret blend of spices and herbs.. Yet the addition of extra paprika and dried onions will be perfect.. Smelling fine indeed !

The other? Extra garlic powder, a secret blend of traditional English sausage seasonings.. Think mace, nutmeg , thyme.. And a few secrets ..

A splash of water in both whilst mixing as that’s what gives you the BANG..

Into the fiddliest of casings.. lamb are buggers I tell ya..

Tied and twisted ..

Into the fridge to bloom.. Cool!

Welcome back Mr Fitz sausages.. You have been away too long..

Better pop some of these over to fiesta friday..







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9 replies

  1. I am going to have to try making these instead of looking for a pre-made version and not knowing what all is in it! Thank you.


  2. I’ve always wondered how to make those things.


  3. I saw the thumbnail on the FF post and knew this was going to be you before I even saw the name,can always count on you for sausages! These do sound so yummy, but you do tease with your secret spices!


  4. Oh how you tantalise with your secret spices!! Welcome back Mr Fitz sausages – nice to see them make an appearance for Fiesta Friday again!



  1. Mille Crêpe Cake | Fiesta Friday #29 | The Novice Gardener

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