Delicious ham hock supper

I couldn’t think of another name for this dish.. It is exactly as I wrote.. Delicious ham hock supper.. !

It began with watching a re-run of a JO show.. He cooked a couple of these… I twisted the recipe up to suit.. Recipe? Who am I trying to kid??

This is so simple it’s scary..

Take the delicious free range home smoked ham hock that you picked up from your butchers (earls barton of course!)..

Pop it into the smaller creseut .. add about 750 grams of jersey royals peeled.. & 495 grams of chopped good carrots.. Precise measurement? Nah that’s just the way they came in the bag!

Some bay leaves a few peppercorns and a good sprinkle of onion powder ..

Topped up with water and into the top oven for three hours ..

Enough time to take a pint at the pub and meet Mrs Fitz and Mr Wentworth and Cora Murley for a lovely walk.. Stopping along the way to pick golden yellow plums and blackberries.. A proper English summers evening.

Back home the house smelling welcoming and delicious..

Lifted the meat out.. Jerseys and carrots out.. Liquor poured through the fat separator .. Put into the sauce pan ( it is indeed a pan made for sauce).. Parsley and milk added let to blip blip away..

During that time .. A bavette for Mrs Fitz.. She’s not keen on smoked pork. So having foraged in the bath for a few potatoes .. Only a few were found.. Into a pan with petit pois.. The foraged spuds so small that it can all cook together..

Tore the meat off the ham bone.. Added to the jerseys and carrots.. The milky parsley liquor poured over the top.. You know that’s gonna set like jelly!

Simply stunning on flavour so so so simple.. And so SO SO delicious..

Why is this not in my life more often?

Ps.. Mrs Fitz loved her steak too!












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6 replies

  1. This looks so very tasty –
    reminds me of childhood Sunday night suppers –
    that’s a good memory – must try to re-create by following your recipe:
    Emma 🙂


  2. The hounds look so happy!! You simply must apply for the MK Come Dine with Me – it would be so much fun…Sometimes simply flavoured and cooked food is the best, isn’t it? Especially if the ingredients are top class to begin with. I always think it’s so sweet when you to cook Mrs Fitz her own steak meal. Happy Fiesta Friday Mr Fitz!!



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