Bavette / flap steak with bath pots & ‘French peas’

Bavette steak? What?

Flap steak? Better?


Still lost?

Think of those wonderful Paris cafe steaks. Actually don’t!

Instead think about going to your favourite butchers.. Talking it through with them.. And getting them to cut out fresh from the thirty day hung beast exactly the cut you desire !

That’s what I did at ee lee and sons butchers in earls barton.

And man I am pleased I did!

This is a brilliant steak cut.. Just a small bit on the beast.. At the other end of my fave the onglet.. (Got one of them while I was there too!)..

To make sure it had extra softness I used some meat tenderiser . A powder designed to help you cook at high altitude . Which of course is exactly where I am cooking this ahem..

Still can’t hurt can it?

So left in the fridge to get its softness on..

Went foraging in the bath for spuds .. Got lucky! Starch gold yay!

Simply boiled .. And popped into the pan with the steak once one side was cooked.. This cut needs to be served medium rare MAX.. and cut against the grain..

The ‘French’ peas? A spring onion chopped.. Fried in a little butter.. Chopped spinach, rocket and watercress added and wilted.. Veg stock .. And frozen peas.. Petit pois frozen are wonderful !

A plates and devoured .. Normal service is resumed !

And then off to the football.. A pie and a pint at half time…

Well you just have to right? ( pie was rubbish by the way!)… IMG_5988.JPG








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