Shiitake , petit pois & spud curry

This is a vegetarian supper.. (Ok I can hear the gasps !)..

It would have been vegan if not for the butter.. Must get some more Mrs Middletons oil in..

It loosely based around that delightful one from the other day..

Again I have no real recipe .. Just go with how you are feeling!

And this is how I felt..

Spring onion chopped, red ticket shiitake mushrooms chopped, fried together in clarified butter and olive oil.. (Not ghee..cooks butter).. I think it’s better and doesn’t have that ghee smell about it..

Addition of ground coriander, garam masala, pomegranate powder, ajwain seeds, and red chilly flakes.. Himalayan salt and ginger and garlic paste..

It’s already smelling a winner here!

Adding one tomato chopped up and some water to make the gravy..

frozen petit pois in next as well as some of my garden spuds boiled first..Haven’t got that many this year yet am happy with what I do have!

Left to simmer gently.. Mrs Fitz had it with a biryani from the Tilda family and I didn’t have the bits to make bread so made do with a couple if wraps from the warburton family.. ( I gotta say my bread is much better!)

There we have it.. Mr Fitz eats vegetarian supper.. (Almost vegan)..

It’s ok. I have a piece of lamb needs roasting tomorrow.. Regular service will be resumed.. Gotta say though it was rather tasty!








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  1. Yes I gasped, possibly out loud! The curry sounds awesome, and things like Himalayan salt makes it all rather hoity toity! Great FF entry, Mr Fitz!


  2. Love the dish and that you foraged for spuds. It really sounds tasty!



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