A kind of bolognese (meaty pasta sauce)

Why is this a ‘kind’ of bolognese?

Ummm don’t know.. Well it for sure is not the classic red sauce.. Nor is it the more authentic actual Italian number..

So let’s just call it a meaty pasta sauce? It was loaded with veggies though too!

Onions fried, some donated courgettes, green an yellow peppers .. Mushrooms added also! Garlic of course! Streaky unsmoked bacon added also.. And the browned mince..

All fried separately .. The veggies getting the seasonings of Italian herbs .. The meat getting the umami paste also ..

The tomatoes cut and squeezed over the bin to lose the seeds and some juice.. All jumbled together..

And put in the crockpot.. On low for five hours..

This is a fantastic way of cooking this type of dish.. As the hard work is done with one pan.. Then had flavour party can get its groove on while you carry in with the day.. A little tomato concentrate added at this stage too.,

Simply boiled good linguine.. Pimped some butter to spread onto frozen rounds.. Into the oven they go whilst the pasta cooks..

Remember to always add the pasta to the sauce.. With a little of the cooking water.. It does make difference..

I suppose this us the point where you ruin it with cheese… Up to you… Not here.. Not now..

Great meal though ! Meaty pasta.. Cool! IMG_5889.JPG









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