Hot dog pastry rolls..

Ok .. So I do normally make all the sausages for home.. Yet I have still not quite mastered the hotdog.. And I do like good hotdogs.. .. This was a little twist though..

Store bought pastry in the fridge needs eating..

Hot dogs keep staring at me every time I open that cupboard…

They are going to have to get along..

Preheated the oven ..

Rolled out the pastry..

Popped the hotdogs ontop..

Rolled them over ..

Egg wash ..

Fifteen minutes later.. You have very good and tasty afternoon snack! They seemed to have done well I gave a few to a pal.. They loved them. Cool

So easy yet really rather good.. IMG_5899.JPG





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5 replies

  1. I like! These sausage rolls look like really good snacks, easy and tasty. Just the thing to keep Fiesta Friday going!!


  2. Looking good as usual. There is a butcher that is opening shop literally blocks from our house in a few months and they are amazing . . . even sell “hot dog mix” so that you can case your own, but I suppose that takes some of the fun out of it.



  1. Fiesta Friday #28 | The Novice Gardener

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