The mighty meaty rib o beef a couple of ways

Now as you probably are aware Mrs Fitz is a confirmed roast beef fan.. it’s her happy meal for sure..

so who am I to refuse? Particularly when I scored this fabulous piece!

Some of that cap of fat is removed and rendered down gently to provide a stunning grease for the potatoes.. grease?

Hmm perhaps I coulda chosen different words there right?

Ahh feck it you know what I mean.. more that don’t forget you can get such tasty doodle dandy ‘free’ cooking fat just by simply doing this.. (and it makes the kitchen smell superdoopery meaty!

The spuds get anointed with the beefy greatness.. some garden rosemary, Small skinned onions and some squished garlic.. after a quick one sided sear it all goes into a bang hot oven before turning down just a wee bit to cook the meat..

the veggies? Man we need veggies right now and a nod to my pals over at the stockpot kitchen on the other side of the world .. ( they seem to eat shedloads of veggies, we kinda class spuds as veggies too!)..

kale, French peas and carrots, broccoli all doused with some chicken stock and lemon..

Oooh! The gravy ( remember it’s not ‘jus’ anymore these days! ).. Madeira , beef stock and some other bits…

now apart from the loving of the boeuf by Mrs Fitz .. it also means that with the addition of some black eyed beans and crushed buttery Cypriot potatoes ( another veg right? …) you get a second outing for a cottage type pie… yummmmyyyy indeedy!

Apologies for the following pics yet heck you get the idea right?

And the hounds got a supper outta the beef too! Plus of course a rather knarly chew offa the bones.. ( after I gave them a secretive nigella style late night snaffle of course!)…

roast rib of beef two or three ways… fabulous !

Oh and the snow?

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  1. Looks fabulous, except for the peas…never could consider them as an acceptable vegetable except in a shepherds pie or curry. But that beef, oh my!



  1. The mighty meaty rib o beef a couple of ways — Cooking with Mr Fitz | My Meals are on Wheels

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