Chicken fried ribeye steak 

As you may be aware.. or mebbe not.. I really really dig Chicken fried steak, pretty hard to find around these parts which as a dang shame .. so hey never minds just hook it up yourself right! 

Pretty simple stuff this yet manoman this is some fabulous eating for sure! 

First off it’s not a chicken steak it’s cow steak.. that’s what makes this so so so delicious!

I am using rib eye as I managed to score a good deal on it …

And it goes a little something like this👏

Simply beaten thinner.. losing any bits you don’t fancy.. 

then the seasonings to make it chicken fried.. 

The chicken flavour powder is optional.. it doesn’t actually taste like chicken at all! Just kinda nice and herby really.. the smoked paprika gives it a pleasing smokiness and of course you need the fry coating! 

Fried off in the trusty uncle bens wok in some vegetabl oil.. real quick to keep the steak moisty lovely (yes they are words that go together.. ahem..)

and see this?

That’s straight up fabulous food right there.. yup indeedy right there.. 

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4 replies

  1. Oops! I am just leaving Kansas, where you can find chicken fried steak nearly everywhere!


  2. Now that looks great! By the way, ij a m just leaving Kansas



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