Milton Keynes Chef of the Year – Jon from the Bell and Bear -Emberton – review 

So I haven’t been out to eat and write a review for a little while.. so where better to go to than with the Milton Keynes Chef of the year .. 

I know Jon and his creative flair well.. I also know that he uses only The finest locally sourced produce he can lay his hands on..

I have also in the past rated his skills as a real deal Chef in my top ten on planet earth! 

Plus he is a good pal of mine yet for this I will be putting that to one side! 

So let’s get cracking!  

lunch is always a nice time to check in and particularly at the end of a lunch service.. seriously it’s a fabulous time! It’s a bit quieter and you can hear what the other diners are saying about their meals! 

So today’s menu looked like this..

Not to sure if you can read the prices at the top.. yet it is reall good value for lunch at this level for sure! 

Kicking off with the carrot soup.. sorry! roasted carrot soup with pine nuts and coriander shoots .. and bread.. 

check out the colour!

How was it? Rather large for a lunch starter.. at first I thought it was a little salty.. yet that soon subsided .. a wonderful consistently.. the pine nuts not toasted .. which I thought I would miss yet didn’t at all! Those coriander shoots pimped the soup right up.. they did though stick to the spoon.. hey whatcha gonna do.. right?

The bread? I know it’s a local bread .. I don’t each much bread and this tasted a little vinegary to me.. ho hum.. that’s just me I reckons.. 

Next? Well it just had to be the pork chop !

And it turns out it is also one of my fave breeds too! Mangalitsa .. jolly good ! 

With sauté herbed potatoes and green beans and a Germanic mustard style mushroom sauce .. what did it look like ? 

Umm this!

(There is already some missing.. ahem cough cough.. ).. 

how was it? Very nice indeed.. I would have liked a bit more fat and found the middle a little tough yet am sure that is just me .. overall a fabulous piece of meat .. seasoned well and with the sauce just smashing.. 

I am going all out here and hitting up the dessert too .. lemon tart with nut granola and lovage cream.. kinda looking like this!

Good? Ummm yup!

Very nice and lemony cleansing I guess ?

Listening into the conversations of the other diners they all seemed happy with nobody looking disappointed.. and for this money for this food who wouldn’t be! 

Jon did a fabulous job.. well hey I can’t really see him doing a bad job! Or even an ok job!

Outta ten? Nine I reckon.. 

( just so you are aware too I am not getting a free meal or anything else for writing this!).. 

Mr Fitz 

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