Piggy laab namtock and spooning with Rosie sweet corn fritters 

remember that belly pork that all got minced up? Well another of the things I made was laab namtock.. Thai kinda food.. Delicious in my book!

Fried off with water.. It makes it lovely and soft.. Then the store bought packets added.. Not too sure of the ingredients yet they are all tasty.. Once all cooked through then  fish sauce added.. It needs it just don’t splash it on yerself!

A flourish of coriander finishes it.. 


Onto the sweet corn fritters.. I fort just how much I enjoy this book.. Father Fitz sent it years ago..  
Didn’t quite follow her recipe.. Yet went for the egg, cornflour, shredded carrot, shallot, jolly green giant corn, and coriander.. 

Whipped up and fried off ..


They are crackalackin!

The spicy piggy is to be mixed up with organic udon noodles..

Simply boiled, drained, cooled.. And all fried together with a drip of sesame oil and low salt soy sauce..

This was a delicious supper.. One of those ones that makes you smile .. 😊

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  1. Those sweetcorn fritters sound good. I must find the recipe I tried a while back, which came with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.

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  1. A big plate of Asian-esque stuff..  – Cooking with Mr Fitz
  2. Over condimented laab namtok mixed noodles lettuce cup salad – Cooking with Mr Fitz

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