Dairypersons pie croquettes, togarashi long stem broccoli, balsamic glaze (leftover eats)

funny when you try thinking of names for posts.. Sometimes it’s much easier just to write out what it exactly was !

And this is exactly what it was.. 

That great veal cottage pie from the other day .. Sitting looking lonely in the fridge.. Right next to the broccoli that I swear was smiling at it..

So they had to get paired up.. Yet not just a reheat.. A complete recycle!

The dairy person pie mixed up and some Italian herb mix that is well worth keeping in the freezer.. 


Then rolled up into egg wash and crunchy orangey breadcrumbs.. You know the ones right?

Fried off in straight up Mrs Middletons oil ..till nice and crisp


Drained on idea brown paper of course .. It really is the schinzzle!

The long stem broccoli peeled just to get the knobbly bits off.. 

And cooked in the barest of reverse osmosis water.. Togarashi seasoning added , that stuff is fantastic I forget about it .. Need to use it more !

So that’s it.. Onto the plate.. Balsamic glaze just makes it look tremendous and ramps the taste right up..


Mrs Fitz loved it! ( and I have to admit she was pretty dubious about the whole concept!)… 

Leftover cottage pie will from now on always be turned into these .. 

Wonder what else I can use… Hmm  

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