Turtle bean pies

Am in a bit of a use up mode at the moment.. Need to clear down the freezer food stocks.. This outing involved a mix that I think was once a joint for a roast that got turned into an empanada filling.. I maintain think..

Defrosted it looks good..

So a good pastry is needed.. Am going ‘healthy’.. Ahem..

Using strong brown strong flour..adding beef fat and butter


Whizzed up into a dough.. Just adding a little cold water to get it bound..


Chilled in the fridge then cut into rounds , rolled out.. The mix spooned on.. Folded over..


Cut neat and the edges squished with a fork.. A little milk splashed on.. And into the oven..


Cooked till that lovely pastry goes crisp..

Cooled and enjoyed!


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  1. I was amazed – vegetarian meals on Mr Fitz, I thought – till I came across the beef fat that is 🙂 happy Monday

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  2. Delicious! You make things looks so easy. Just whizzed up the dough? My freezer seriously needs some attention too!

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