Injun use up food

Being on the use up mode still the indoors freezer gave us the gift of a mystery curry that Mrs Fitz made a good while back.. That’s chicken she was sure..

It was..

I got this new gadget.. Gadget? Hmm I suppose it is.. It’s a defrosting plate.. You don’t plug it in or anything.. It’s amazing!

The curry now defrosted in record time .. That thing is incredible..

And a pack of snacks bought and stored in the big freezer.. Ok.. Not much cooking going on.. Yet hotting up counts too right?

The breads were of course made fresh..


Then into a dough..


Cooked on the iron plate.


Rubbed with desi ghee (amazes me that stuff.. Holy cow!!)..


Into ikea zip bags.. They don’t even sweat! You don’t get that dry but though. I have to admit I missed that..

All served up..


With an onion and tomato ‘salad’ that had red wine vinegar, coriander and parsley. Mango chutney and poppadoms of course!

Hmm what’s the freezer gonna give us next?


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