Spatchcocked chuckon

Seeing how we normally feed the hounds chicken it seemed like quite a treat to be actually eating ourselves!

First the spatchcock .. Simple as long as you have good scissors .. Just cut out the backbone chop it into bits and feed it to the waiting hounds..


Then slash it up… This is to max the flavour absorption..


Now for the CHUCKON.. (Geddit?)..

Chuck on what ever you fancy.. I do think the white pepper is a must..


On this was soy sauce, white pepper, Mrs Middletons chilli oil, Himalayan pink salt, shake ocini , a little chicken fry powder.. Hmm probably done other bits too..

Well.. Once well tumbled in the chuckon mix.. Straight into the bars of an oven at two hundred degrees (real money).. If you have any old about cleaning stop reading at once.. Hehehe. Actually it’s not that bad as you are not disturbing it till the end of cooking when it lifts straight off!


Make sure you have a pan underneath the chicken yet as far away fro
It as possible as you want the drippings to smoke up a little for extra flavour.. Otherwise you really will have to clean the oven! Spuds underneath would’ve the bizzle.. Yet Mrs Fitz fancied rice..

So the rice was a mixture of chopped wild mushrooms from the freezer, French green beans, jolly green giant sweetcorn, red onion, French garlic ( dont bother with that daft chinese stuff, unless of course you can get the real McCoy not the supermarket chain rubbish..).. Green chilli and taco spices..


And that packet brown rice just makes life so easy in these situations!

All fried up in the pan with some of the chicken drippings..


The chicken placed atop of the rice .. Smuggled valantina sauce over the chicken.. And fresh yellow ticket coriander..


It was a delicious supper indeed! The rice absorbing chicken juice as it was torn apart.. A little touch of Nandos sauce as it is chicken after all!


Great for a fiesta!

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17 replies

  1. I really like to spatchcock chicken. Helps in even grilling. Nice recipe 👍


  2. I can see amazing flavors here, Mr. Fritz. The dish sounds really amazingly delicious – the best with rice. 😀 See you at FF’s First Anniversary. 🙂


  3. Very excellent chuckon my friend. It looks like it belongs in a bad eighties pop band in that slash pic…

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  4. The rice looks great, full of flavour and zing! Perfect with the chicken 🙂

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  5. Mr Fitz, this looks great…and if you’re looking for further meaty fixes, I just posted the mother of all ribs. Immediately thought of you!

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  6. Wow that is some chicken dish. I am lazy – I never fix a chicken this way as I buy the parts already cut up. Thanks for bringing this to FF# 51. Hope to see you next week for Angie’s big party 🙂



  1. Fiesta Friday #51 | The Novice Gardener

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