Delias scones don’t seem to fail..

This Delia recipe for scones seems to produce great results.. Get the actual measurements offa Delia online..

Simple though.. 200 grams self raising flour, 110 ml of milk, a couple tablespoons of golden caster sugar.. A pinch of salt.. 40-50 grms butter ..


Do that thing to make it crumbly .. Till your fingers ache..


Then into a quite thick dough.. Press out rounds with a bubbles glass..



The oven preheated at 220 ( real money!..)..

Into the oven for about 13 minutes.. That’s all!!


When cool enough yet not cold.. Cut em in halfish and add good quality French strawberry jam and of course clotted cream!!


This is a keeper I swear! Am going to try adding fruits I think.. Little fruits.. Blueberry a maybe.. I would love some of those French wild strawberrys that I think they have now made illegal due to sheeps peeing on them or something? and a danger of poisoning? May be just another strange dream I had though.. My dreams can get pretty lucid!! Hehehe

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  1. I am on my way for tea Mr. Fitz. Set an extra place please.

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  2. I wish I’d got there before they vanished!

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  3. They vanished before I got home from work, saw the proof on the bubbles glass, hunted high and low, no sign, lol

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  4. I’ve always wanted to make scones. Must try them soon


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