Sweetcorn & baby courgette fritters & last of the veal in lettuce cups

That’s a long title!

I like these fritters. Like really like them.. Haven’t made them for ages though! So whilst looking for another thing I came across spooning with Rosie.. A great cookbook thing that Father sent years ago..

This is the original recipe..


With the addition of grated red ticket baby courgettes.. ( to be honest I had no real idea what to do with them otherwise!)..


A shredded carrot, chopped shallots , some other things.. (I forget sorry..)..


All into a kinda batter mix.. Yet only with cornflour as the binder. I still finals that a bit strange yet it works..


Fried off in some mrs Middletons pimped roscoff garlic oil..


All nice an crispy.. You get this wonderful crunch, chew and soft textures going in with these things.. Great!

Served with dumpling dipping sauce and seasoning..


Chef ping dealt with the veal mix and it was spooned into lettuce cups..


And a lovely supper it was too!

Must remember about those fritters..

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  1. What a healthy dish, Mr Fitz. You do keep surprising me with the sheer versatility of your cooking!

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