Veal Laab namtok thingy lettuce cups with awesome crisps

I am still unsure if this is called Laab or namtok.. I think it’s Laab .. Although this probably isn’t either!

Rose veal cooked in some water with shallots.. The water helps break down the meat quickly..


Then the seasoning added..


A heap of rinsed beansprouts.. I read once that it’s easier to get salmonella from beansprouts than chickens? True? Dunno.. Rinse them anyways!


Adding magnificent white pepper.. Thumbs up!


Smashing spudulas!

One of those delicious hasslebacks from yesterday’s food ..

Sliced right the way through.. A good pal of mine said in future use chopsticks either side of the spud instead of the metal spoon when slicing them.. It protects your knives! Good tip that! Fried in uncle bens wok with mrs Middletons oil ..


Drained of course on ikea paper..


Served up with sour cream, pepper humous, fresh pomegranate and grated carrot..

In lettuce cups of course!




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  1. Love your dish and your dogs! We had a Schnauzer who claimed the top of a chair so she could look out the window. Over time it began to “sag” but she was happy 🙂


  2. Why is it that you don’t weigh a million pounds? Whatever it’s called, it looks delicous. And those potatoes, I can taste the crispness! Yum.

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  3. Ottolenghi would be proud of that spread!! Now this is the sort of food I want to eat in January!! I immediately had to look into the sprouts and salmonella issue – I had no idea. It’s the heat needed to sprout the seeds that incubates and spreads the bacteria. Washing will not help – just cooking. But it seems that in the UK we are ok as the seeds are treated before being sprouted. Anyway, link here

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  4. Smilling ear to ear but I’ll take 2 please!


  5. on second thoughts – who cares what its called, – can I come to dinner?? Please?


  6. oh I love the thingy in that there title!



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