Hanger steak wraps with Arabic salad

My favourite piece of steak.. Cut out of an English bullock that has been aged upon passing.. And of course from my favourite butchers!




Onglet or hanger steak is simply wonderful ! And if you think that there is just this small but per beast! So get it when you can .. I would one day like to be able to buy a bunch of chicken oysters .. Again a treat as so small yet delicious.. Yet that’s for another day..

Marinated the steak in stuff.. You can use any stuff I used pimped mrs Middletons Lebanese herb oil and more dried eerrbss..


Fried off fast, hot & hard..

The butter catching a fire!




The Arabic salad?

Umm .. Salad with Arabic seasoning and lovely olive oil..


And if course lovely flatbread . Made with the smuggled back flour from Mexico City ..



Cooked on the flat iron



All served up nice…


That’s a wrap!!!


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  1. Love hanger steak I’ll be giving this a try for sure. Cheers


  2. I’ve never had hanger steak before, but if I’m going to trust anybody on cuts of meat it’ll be you! That wrap is definitely making my mouth water!
    I’m very jealous of your butchers though, it looks so awesome, I don’t think we have a good butchers near me.

    Thanks for sharing this with us at Fiesta Friday, you’re going to make a lot of partiers very hungry!

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  3. I think I’m in love with your butcher. Don’t tell my husband. Just let me in on some of that hanger steak!!

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  4. Loved the visit to your butcher to see the hanger steak getting cut. Gorgeous piece of meat and meal. What was in the Arabic salad and why is the flour from Mexico City so good?

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  5. You always put together the most amazing looking meals, Mr. Fitz! Love the look of those bubble in your flat bread! Great photo! 😀

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  6. I dare say you will soon be recognised by the National Hanger Steak Authority for your love of said steak. I imagine you will get some kind of certificate and maybe a tee shirt with a steak print 🙂

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  7. I think we sometimes call it skirt steak in the US. It’s my favorite cut as well, so flavorful.

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  8. What a flavorful dish! I love great beef, and you are very talented with it.

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  9. Looks yum. What was name of cabbage we had for dinner Sunday



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