Mrs Fitz lamb stew..

With the travel over for a couple of weeks it’s nice to reset the body clock properly.. The cold weather has definitely appeared, which is quite nice as you get to wear your cold weather articles.. Seeking the scarves and gloves, choosing jackets.. is quite a satisfying thing to do!

So what’s a perfect dish for this ?

Lamb stew..

More importantly commandant .. Mrs Fitz’s lamb stew.. Yeah!

Mrs Fitz started by chopping veg and getting the ‘background base’ together .. Carrot, onion, celery meets herbs and stock..


The lamb chops are rendered down and the day added to the veggies.. (Yummy stage!!)..


It’s all added together and left to get its groove on..


Once you cannot stand it anymore as the kitchen is filled with comforting scents of food huggs and cuddles. And the dogs have entered deep depression..


Then it’s time to eat… Ladled (just because ladling feels right!).. Into dishes..


Eaten with glee!!!

Yeah c’mon wintery dishes!!!

Have another bowl..


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  1. Yep. Love a good lamb stew! That looks like my mums stylee 🙂


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