Quick Barcelona round up!


A quick trip out to Barcelona for work porpoises ..

Starting with a stay and meal at the Mondrian in Londons south bank.. It’s the old shipping containers, ( not literally, that’s the name of the building!)..

It’s very fancy pants indeed.. And a perfect start to my whirlwind trip..

A couple of cocktails in Dandylyan.. This really is the must be seen to be in place right now.. There were many ‘famous’ people.. None of whom I recognised. Never been any good at that !!

Dinner was rib of beef.. And a pork chop.. Here you go..


Pretty good looking? The pork was too pink for me.. Sure I know you can go pink on pork these days.. Yet this was too pink for my liking..

And fridge cold dessert.. Humph!


So off really freakin early in the morning from the hotel.. Something quite magical about London at stoopid o’clock .. Being whisked past all the sites lit up while dawn arrives.. Hardly any traffic on the roads.. In a prestige vehicle.. Very beautiful..

Arriving via a very very full flight into a much warmer and sunny barcelona..

Nice.. A long day of work .. Off to dinner with some pals.. Going via gaudis house.. (You gotta hit up some touristic places right?…)..



The a wonderful place to eat.. You really need to visit here.. The building is amazing..


Like seriously amazing.. Google it, through firefox.. (there are other engines available yet I really don’t think they are as good ! ) ..


Great place.. Haven’t got much on the food as after these two delicious things I realised that it was not that appropriate to be taking pics…



Yet trust me… It was great!

The following day… A meeting with my very good pal Peter..

Not too sure what he does yet I know he is very English.. And is a kinda ambassador..hmmmmm !!??? Good guy though.. Always to break bread and talk with him.. This time middle eastern food..


It was very tasty and the conversations fun.. Peter is always a perfect host..


Sheesh already .. Very tired now.. A whirlwind trip ..

I’m off to get my head examined…

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  1. The food is looking damn tasty… Doesn’t matter how whirlwind ones trip is, a brother gotta eat 🙂


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