A guest post? Kinda!

I don’t really do guest posts.. Of course I welcome guests to my virtual rumblings.. Yet this one is slightly different..

Father Fitz has at last been enjoying the joys of Morocco .. Am very pleased that he has.. I love it out there..

So this is a guest post of sorts…

Father and his wife Liz have been in essouria , Marrakech and places inbetween.. I think it’s been eye opening for them..

Take this first.. (He knows what makes me hungry..)..



Cool huh!!


Father has also picked me up some wild saffron offa this guy.. Expensive he said.. Not as expensive as in the part of the world I live in!!


They have also been to a cooking class.. This is the chap.


It seems they had a good time.. The food and breads look great! Although I think a little too ‘vegetarian’ for me!



I am very pleased they had a cool time.. He flies back to Amsterdam now.. Wait for that weather to kick in Father!

And I look forward to getting my hands on that wild saffron!


( I popped the last post on just because I like it.. ).. There was another one with goat heads yet I dunno what I did with it.. Ahh well ..

So there you go.. A guest post of sorts!!

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  1. Nice pics poppa Fitz! Those hooves are outrageous!! 🙂


  2. Liz and I are honoured to be guests:)) here is the goats’ heads photo for the Goats Head Soup (courtesy of the Rolling Stones). One Love. Xx

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