English summer kofta kebab

English summer kofta kebab?

Simple reason for the title of this.. It’s raining .. Of course! It’s the middle of August and it’s raining ..

That is not to stop me firing up the coals and grilling these lovely kofta kebabs that I picked up from a pal on Sunday at woburn farmers market ..

Mighty fine things these .. Definitely produced for the middle England market town crowd .. Hardly any spice yet blinking good quality lamb!

So they got grilled …

The bread to complement them ?

Gone for #MrsMiddletons pimped Lebanese oil this time around, a little salt, a teaspoon of baking powder, water and mrs Middletons great flour .. Into a dough.. Tried one on the weber once the koftas were cooked.. It worked.. Well mainly worked on cleaning the bars of the grill! Good to know for futures anyhoo!

So onto the flat pan.. Also managed to slice my finger open.. It a pretty movie worthy splurt! I was just slicing a tomato ready to squish the seeds out when I turned around.. And back just in time to see it slow motion splurt!


A simple salad of onion , blood-less tomato and lettuce was paired with the lamb kofta into the bread.. Maggis sweet and spicy ketchup provided the condiment..

A very nice supper! IMG_6254.JPG







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8 replies

  1. Anything kofta is good in my book and I can see your basset agrees. So sad to never see Basset hounds around here anymore everybody’s got chihuahuas and teeny little poodles. My grandma had a Basset that she named “Judge (the “legal beagle”) because my Dad was a judge. May his soul rest in peace & haven’t seen a Basset since.


  2. It looks absolutely delicious! As usual 🙂


  3. Very nice, my friend. I love my tomato bloodless!! 🙂



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