Shepherds pie. Comfort Sunday

What is it about shepherds pie?

Why does it wrap you up in such a lovely comforty hug?

And why does just a few ingredients come together in the most magical way?

Now let’s start with the mince.. Of course for shepherds pie it has to be lamb, hogget or mutton.. Preferably if you have minced it down yourself or as a minimum seen what your butcher has put into it! And please please don’t go with that reformed stuff! EVER!

A couple of chopped white onions and great ‘bugs bunny’ carrots are fried in the pan.. I am also using a drizzle of mrs Middletons pimped garlic oil..

And then the minced lamb..

All together.. Dried mixed herbs, Worcestershire sauce, a dollop of stokes ketchup, a spoon of mint sauce and water.. Brought to a bubble before adding the petit pois..

Left to plinkity plop along , before adding a soon of the mash to thicken it all up.. Using mash as a thickener is a great trick!

The mash?

Mozart spuds.. Peeled and boiled with salt only.. I really like to keep the skins on yet shepherds pie needs them off I think ..

Mashed with a masher.. Unsalted French butter and the yolk of a burford buff mashed into the mix, along with salt and pepper..

The meat mix into a dish .. The potatoes piped ontop..

Into the oven for forty minutes..

Enough time to take the daags for a walk across the field.

Home to a perfect loving food hug!







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16 replies

  1. It’s the mashed potatoes…everything is good with mashed potatoes!


  2. Yes, proper comfort food especially now that the temperatures seem to have plummeted overnight by 10 degrees! I love the way you do mash, with that egg yolk, as I’ve said before…and before I start searching, have you done any posts about how you pimped up Mrs M’s oil?


    • Too right Selma!!

      Hmm posts about pimping… nope.. couple of tweets perhaps.. I simply add packets of herbs i like to the il bottles! keep topping them up and it seems to work.. the italian chilli oil takes a while yet is well worth it.. the roscoff garlic is superb… the chinese 5 spice ome?… i threw it away…

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  3. My favourite food, I’d eat it every day without complaint. Even looking at it gives me the warm fuzzy feeling of being home. You make such good food Mr Fitz!


  4. Reblogged this on My Philosophy, My Thoughts. and commented:
    our most favourite meal with boiled cabbage delicious !!


  5. My favourite. No chance of a little package of this in the post I suppose? 🙂 I guess it doesn’t travel that well …



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