Saturday night curry

I had this shoulder of lamb that needed eating.. Was just going to roast it whole .. Yet I would be the only one that ate it.. Mrs Fitz not being a big fan of roast lamb.. I cannot understand it meself!

So Saturday night became curry night.. No need for a take-away .. Although of course they have their place and there is indeed a new place opened near us that we do want to try.. I just hate the waiting and the price !

Dispatched the lamb through the mincer .. Plenty of lamb now.. Am already thinking shepherds pie..

Yet have gone for a Mr Fitz kofta meatball thingy curry.. With French beans..

Perhaps I started this one a little backwards .. Onion in first a little clarified butter.. Not ghee..

Then the meatballs made small with coriander , cumin and med flower salt

Then some spices.. and some dried fenugreek leaves.. Then tomatoes paste.. Ginger and garlic paste and adding water and the French beans …

Left to bubble away before adding a good dollop if unsweetened natural yoghurt .. Made wrong? What can be made wrong when it tastes so good right?

And I gave to admit to be slightly addicted to the mushroom and petit pois curry! This time fried onions in clarified butter .. Adding spices.. And tomatoes.. Then the lovely button mushrooms and frozen petit pois..

This is simply wonderful! And if course a fraction of the cost.. and a fraction of the oil for sure!!

To serve with? Gotta be flatbreads..

This time practicing with a little yeast and unsweetened yoghurt .. I have decided I prefer the breads made with Mrs Middletons oil and flour.. These rose good though! I love watching the bubbles rise.. And the smell of the fresh bread is beautiful..

Then of course a few beers.. And a couple of wines before tucking into the Saturday night curry ..











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  1. OMG – those meatballs look fabulous! Interesting that you can compare between the two types of flatbread – what did you like less about the yeasty ones? Can’t remember if you have you tried adding some Nigella/Kalonji/Onion seeds to the dough – really good.


  2. “I had this shoulder of lamb that needed eating” Hahaha , What an opening line 😀 Couldn’t help laughing. Nice recipe 🙂


  3. Must co-inquire with Hilda on the clarified butter/ghee question and the curry just sounds amazeballs


  4. Delicious use of the lamb. But I thought ghee was clarified butter.


  5. that flatbread looks like an Indian naan 🙂 looking at your post, i am hungry 😀


  6. Sounds wonderful –
    I love your ‘straight up unsweetened old school live yogurt’ –
    I reckon even just reading that packet makes me healthy!
    Emma 🙂


  7. Absolutely salivating 🙂


  8. Loving your curry and flatbread. Looks delicious.



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