Mexican-esque supper..

Still in use- up mode.. It’s a good thing to do every now and then and will be doing it for a while.. A quick check in one if the freezers has yielded a bunch of various proteins already!! Get ready for something with beef , chicken tbc, pork possibly broth, turkey pastries and of course some sausages… Type to be discussed…

Yet onto supper..

Found two portions of shepherds pie that weren’t gonna make it as full suppers.. So turned it around.. Defrosted .. A jar of very good salsa.. It’s now a ‘Mexican’ mince.. Cool

Made a quick side dish of just white onion and Turkish pepper.. Yet marinated/pickled in pomegranate powder, sea salt, Ume plum vinegar, Bristol blend pepper, sugar and possibly something else. ..

Just left to steep for a little while turning it every now and then .

Heated corn tortillas straight on the gas ring.. Use tongs!!

A good supper although I reckon the pepper / onion bit was a little salty. I forgot that the Ume plum vinegar has salt also!!








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  1. Looks marvelous! I’d have one of those.


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