poussin supper

Picked up a couple of poussin a while back that were on a special.. Have they have been tucked away in the big ice box safely..

Decided on them for the Sunday supper.. So defrosted rubbed with mrs Middletons pimped garlic oil, with some wild rosemary and thyme in the cavity.. Simply on the rack above a delightfully ‘ roasty’ pan of Mrs Fitz crunchy roast king Edwards … 180 degrees.. One hour..Very good smells filling the kitchen

Like a proper winters eve supper this one yummy yumm yum yum x

To serve ? A simple jus and mixed veg with extra corn ( thanks novice gardener!) .. And a lovely square yorky pudding

A lovely supper made all the better for sharing it with Mrs Fitz x

Clotted cream honeycomb icecream waffle comes were dessert yet got eaten before I could take a shot!


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  1. I’ve never had Yorkshire pudding, and have a feeling that I am completely missing out on a wonderful thing! This looks like a lovely meal… yum. 🙂


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