New Orleans rice ‘n’ ribs

ok.. Seriously Mr Fitz, just where have you been?

Well it wasn’t London to see the queen.. 

Yet these kinda piggies have been taking up a bit of time as I build up a new adventure… I will say more as more appears! Needless to say it’s going very well indeed! 


Yet lets talk fast food.. Ribs and fast food? Yup indeedy .. 

Just add pressure… 

First get good ribs.. These are red ticket free range Berkshire pig ribs.. 

Simply de papered of that annoying not that they never remove.. Fiddly job when the ribs are not in a rack.. Worth it though! 

Add some smuggled dried  Italian herbage.. Water under the trivet.. And lock down the lid.. 12 minutes later you have super soft ribs… How cool is that? 


While warm add the newmans original sticky rib sauce.. Adding while warm makes the ribs suck up the sauce.. you can do this with pretty much any flavours you fancy…yet now is the time to do it! 

Back in the oven to crisp up a little.. 

The New Orleans style rice? 

Here you go..

 It says it’s good for glazed ribs… 

And yippity  yup yup they are correct.. 

Some dirty jerseys boiled up too..


Tumbled in English butter, maldon salt and one of the very posh peppers Mrs Fitz got me back in March.. 

Great supper…

  Sometimes simple is good 

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