Moroccan chicken ‘tagine’ With smuggled spiced cous cous And fougasse 

First of all that pic of Mr Wentworth stretched out on the couch is a super anomaly in our house! with a super selection of smuggled spices gifted to me from a recent travel to essouria Morocco it only seems correct to make a supper to celebrate!

So easy cous cous .. Simply added stock and some of the herb cous cous spices.. Some olive oil when puffed up.. It’s so simple that method no need for comprehensive steaming techniques etc.. Also adding these dried veggies.. just booked to get back to life every store cupboard needs a pack!


And the chicken was spiced up with some tagine spices .. browned off in Uncle Bens wok and added to the onion , French fat garlic and tomato sauce.. Some cinnamon, bay and tough torn Iberian chorizo makes it tasty tasty tasty..

That’s bubbled away for a good couple of hours.. And my gaad it is smelling reedonkulously fantastic!

The bread made with a kinda ciabatta mix .. Yet with the addition of Greek basil , sesame and poppy seeds..


A short bake doesn’t provide much of a rise yet lots of flavour! And with the thick velvet balsamic and super rich olive oil it rocks!



Yeah!!!  ( plus leftovers .. Ahem..).. 

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