Easy Veggie samosas using leftovers

samosas are one (or a few!)of those wonderful things in life.. Well I think do anyways .. Please don’t add corn though.. That’s just all kinds of wrong.. 😕

First the pastry.. Really simple, using two types of flour, sponge flour and plain white.. A cup of each..

Just brought together with a little oil and some salt, rolled out cut in hag and folded and pinched into the triangle


Then held up and the remainder of the paratha filling that was also made from the sides we had with the pies.. (Big time leftover usage going on!).. spooned in and sealed with a wipe of water.. 

Keep going till all are complete..  

Then fried off in straight up Mrs Middletons oil in the trusty Uncle Bens wok.. And drained on ikea paper of course! (That stuff is a must have!).. 
Oh and to go with them?

A four hour slow roasted breast of lamb that was dusted in some smuggled spice and tied up..  Breast of lamb is a great cut although pretty inedible unless it cooks for ages! And I have to admit it’s a pretty hardcore piece of meat.. if you ‘pull’ the meat it becomes delicious.. If you leave it on the skin.. Its gnarly! Like REALLY gnarly! 

Altogether now… With leftover cous cous, Korean chilli sauce.. 


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  1. Everything looks awesome! So a samosa is kind of like an empanada?

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  2. Yes! I love ideas for using up leftovers 🙂 just need to get over my fear of deep frying first

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