Veally nice curry for supper, makhani dhal , brown rice and stuffed veg paratha … 

First the curry.. Made by cooking lots of red onions, adding garlic and ginger paste along with strong masala.. Fresh San Marzano tomatoes and a drop of water.. The loin of rose veal pieces chopped and added .. That bubbles away.. 


That’s aside its into the makhani .. Umm the can got opened.. It’s a really rather good can though and saves all that time soaking the maple beans and stuff.. Cooking over coals with creams and butters.. 

Just open the can… 😏

Onto the parathas..
Boiled mixed veg.. the carrot and red potato mash leftover from supper the other night mixed in as well .. Adding some garlic and ginger paste and some garam masala..mashing it all up

The bread made by equal weights of natural yoghurt and flour.. Quickest way is in the processor..


Roll out two breads.. This is a real easy way of making these! smearing one with the mix

Then popping the other only top, water around the edge and rolling them out.. 

Cooking them on the iron flat pan.. Running with a little butter to help them crisp..


You want those black spots.. Extra taste you see!

The rice was heated by Chef Ping.. 

It’s brown rice cooked in the rice cooker.. Spiced ghee added and a rosebud, some cardamom and cinnamon bark,.

  There you go.. Some fresh coriander would have made it ‘brighter’.. Although it was really rather nice! 


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