Masala beans on toast 

Many years ago this was a very popular dish for me. was always a winner when funds were low.. Yet also snazzy enough to impress when required!  It’s a classic really.. Beans on toast.. Yet pimped.. ! You can keep pimping them.. Yet I was out of pimpable additions.. I had also forgotten how much I like it! 

This is how this rolls.. 

Fried chopped baby white onions.. (Any onions will do).. Then add ginger and garlic paste.. Then a tincy ‘bump’ of the following..(in no particular order..).. 

Chilli powder, fenugreek leaves, coriander powder, cumin powder, bay leaves, mustard seeds, mustard oil, cardamom powder, cinnamon powder, black pepper, clove and nutmeg powder..


And add the beans.. It’s a good thing here as you can add beans that are at the lower cost end.. As the sauce can reduce.. These ones were though #heinzbeans , they bubble away immediately.. So delicate stir work to stop them sticking initially.. 

Then add another tincy bump of the following, coriander, cloves, bay leaves, black pepper, cumin, stone flower, cassia, fennel , black cardamom, clove leaves, triphala and star anise.. Salt and a squidge of tommy K.. 


Toast the toast.. This is lovely French bread cut into slices and kept in the freezer., it toasts great! 

Butter the bread and pour as many of the beans as you like on top.. (I went for just under half as it will do me another great brunch!)..

Beans on toast.. #pimpedfood 

Oh and instead of owning and working out all those herbs and spices.. 

You could just buy them already worked out for you.. #sometimeslifestooshort 😉


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  1. Beans on toast? Always a favourite! BUT Pimped beans on toast – even better! I love this version and will definitely try it out but I will have to pick up some ingredients. I haven’t made any pimped up beans in ages but I am definitely inspired now! Though, to be honest, I am more of a Batchelor’s baked beans girl myself!


  2. Pimped beans were what my youth was all about!!!

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  3. Love love love this! I and my girls love bald beans and I am going to masalafy these beans next time :)..

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  4. Looks really delicious, Mr. Fitz. 🙂 Happy FF103!

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  5. Very funny:))

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